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premise [15 Apr 2025|09:53am]
The small town of Aetherwood is not one that you would find anywhere on a map. In fact, you wouldn't find it at all. Nestled in the heart of Missouri, those who happen upon the town would find nothing more than a dense wooded area. A dead end in the road. For as long as anyone can remember the town has been cloaked in magic, protecting those who live there from the outside world. Living under the cloak of magic are four covens of Witches and those sworn to protect them and their secrets. For what may be the only time in the history of the magical community, Witches and their familiars have been free to live their lives and practice magic freely and openly without fear of the consequences.

But all of that is about to change.

Unknown to the residents of Aetherwood, the shield protecting them is about to fail, allowing the outside world access to their town. Why is this happening? How did it happen? Who is behind it? To find out, you must join us and attempt to uncover the secrets of [info]aetherwood!

To apply, please copy & paste the application below and comment here.
All applications will be screened.
FIRST ADDS PUSHED TO 4/28/21@10pm central
Please request to join [info]theaether and [info]aetherplots

Characters full name:
Element or animal:
Link to bio:
Link to narrative or scene-starter:

Holds [15 Apr 2023|10:31am]
Please hold your desired played-by as well as the element or animal you wish to hold. If we get too many of one element, we may place a cap on that specific element until things even out. You may also hold council member or coven leader spots as well. All holds will last 72hrs with one 48hr extension allowed. Please use feel free to use [info]aetherlines to plot with potential members!

Austin Abrahams | Familiar | Fox *PENDING*

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